Cindy and Kurt Radamaker 

Birding, hiking, camping and beyond.

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Cindy Radamaker


I have had a lifelong fascination with pets and animals especially dogs,  birds, mammals and reptiles. As a volunteer bird walk leader for the Arizona State Park System, I enjoy sharing knowledge and identification skills with beginners and other interested birders.  I enjoy hiking, photgraphing and birding with Kurt and my two Kerry Blue Terriers, Phoebe and Grinnell.

Kurt Radamaker

I have been interested in nature and birding most of my life. I grew up in Southern California where I started birding at the age of 8 and by 15 I had completed Cornell Laboratory's Seminars in Ornithology. I met Cindy in 1992 when I was teaching Ornithology at the University of La Verne in California and we have shared a lasting passion for each other and birding. We have traveled extensively and have led bird tours to several areas in the U.S., Mexico and Central America. We enjoy writing and hiking with our three Kerry Blue Terriers. Below are a few of the publications I have worked on.

Selected Publications

  • The Complete Guide to North American Birds. National Geographic Society 2006. Species accounts for Bitterns, Herons and allies, and Ibises and Spoonbills.



  • Gary H. Rosenberg, Kurt Radamaker, and Mark M. Stevenson, Arizona Bird Committee Report, 2000–2004 Records. Western Birds Vol. 38, No. 2, 2007
  • K. Radamaker and C. Radamaker 2007. Arizona and New Mexico Birds. Lone Pine Press. Edmonton, Canada.
  • B. Pranty, K. Radamaker, H. Weatherman, and H. Robinson 2006. First Verifiable Records of the Rough-legged Hawk in Florida. Florida Field Naturalist.
  • Co-author Field Guide to the Birds of Florida 2006. Lone Pine Press. Edmonton, Canada.
  • K. Radamaker and G. McCaskie. First Verifiable Record of Flesh-footed Shearwater in Mexico. Western Birds vol. 37, no. 1, 2006
  • K.Radamaker and C. Radamaker 2005. First Confirmed Breeding of the West Indian Whistling-Duck at Abaco, Bahamas. J. Carib. Ornithol. 18:44, 2005
  • Associate Author of Birds of Baja California: Status, Distribution and Taxonomy. ABA Monographs
  • Corman T. and K. Radamaker 2005. Breeding Status of Lawrence’s Goldfinch in Arizona. Arizona Birds.
  • Pranty B., J. Boyd and K. Radamaker 2004. Recent Verifiable records of Black-throated Blue Warblers wintering in Florida. Florida Field Naturalist.
  • Hamilton R.A., K.Radamaker, and T.E. Wurster. First Record of Olive-backed Pipit in Mexico. Western Birds.
  • Radamaker, K., and C. Radamaker 2002. First Photographic Record of Kirtlands Warbler in Florida. Florida Field Naturalist
  • Radamaker, K. and C.L. Ludden 1993.  A record of Bar-tailed Godwit for Mexico. The Euphonia 2:58-63
  • Radamaker, K. and M.A. Patten. 1990.  Pronounced Bûrd. Birding 22:74-78.
  • Patten, M. A. and K. Radamaker. 1991. A fall record of the Sharp-tailed Sparrow in interior California. Western Birds 22:37-38.
  • Patten, M. A., K. Radamaker and T. Wurster. 1993. Some Noteworthy observations from Northeastern Baja California. 1993. Western Birds
  • Wurster T. and K. Radamaker. 1993. Semipalmated Sandpiper Records for Baja California. The Euphonia 1:37-38
  • Publisher and Editor of The Euphonia a scientific journal of Mexican Birds.

Biological Experience

  • Dedicated professional with several years of general and professional interest in ornithology.
  • Conducted Directed Species surveys of Least Bell's Vireo and general biological surveys in Prado Basin for The United States Department of Fish and Wildlife.
  • Conducted bird and reptile surveys in several areas throughout southern California in threatened Coastal Sage Scrub, and Riparian habitats, and wrote general habitat assessments as a consultant for Michael Brandman and Associates.
  • Conducted California Gnatcatcher surveys for the Planning Center of Newport Beach, along Portuguese Canyon Palos Verdes Peninsula.
  • Conducted general bird, reptile and habitat surveys for Biological Assessment Inc.  at Tonner Canyon, Orange County and near Lake Hemet, Riverside County.
  • Taught Ornithology for 4 years at the University of La Verne.
  • Currently writing a book on finding birds in Baja California, and other manuscripts for selected ornithological journals.

Professional Affiliations

  • Member Arizona Bird Committee
  • Past Webmaster and Vice President Arizona Field Ornithologist
  • Past Webmaster Maricopa Audubon Society
  • Past Webmaster and Board Member Florida Ornithological Society
  • American Ornithologists Union
  • American Birding Association
  • Cooper Ornithological Society
  • Wilson Ornithological Society
  • Western Field Ornithologists Life Member
  • Past Board Member Bausch and Lomb Birding Council
  • Past Board Member of Pro Esteros. A non profit organization helping to preserve wetlands in Baja California Mexico